Retirement plan was good one

The state Legislature had a golden opportunity in 2018 to give new state employees a better retirement system, but typical politics got in the way. Cindy Rougeou, executive director of the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (LASERS), called it “a new retirement plan for a new generation.”

Rougeou, an extremely capable retirement official, said it would have taken about 30 years to phase the plan in and have all state employees on the hybrid plan. There were about 39,000 active members of LASERS and 48,000 retirees on the system last year.

Our Views: Before you get our votes, tell us what is your plan

It is hardly a surprise that before the October primary election, politicians in search of votes will say that they are for better education, health care, roads. The problem with pronouncements like these is that they are results, not plans. They commit the candidates to nothing but good intentions. And the candidates like it that way.

With state election approaching, reform groups prepare to 'reset' Louisiana's long-term priorities

“There’s a lot to like about the Reset agenda,” says Jan Moller, LBP executive director. “Increasing investments in early childhood education and making college more affordable are issues we can all rally around. … While we disagree on some points — and would urge extreme caution before a constitutional rewrite — this is a serious platform that merits a full debate.”