Reset is something we do

A reset is something we do when we are willing to admit we must change our path forward or strengthen our resolve to achieve the results we all want for the future. It requires the building of political will to make decisive changes and create opportunities to reach our potential as a state and as a people. 

Louisiana knows how to do this.

The easy way ahead is to give in to our shortcomings and give up on efforts to make our state a better place to live and do business. The harder way – and the right way – is to envision a greater state for Louisiana citizens and continue to press for change. 

The Committee of 100 (C100), the Council for A Better Louisiana (CABL) and the Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) have been at the epicenter of policy successes that have made Louisiana a better place. For decades, they have sought to improve government and the climate for commerce and jobs.

These groups’ vision, expertise and effort have led to policy landmarks that have served the state’s citizens well, including establishment of the community and technical college system, expanded access to quality
pre-K, school accountability, replacement of the state’s outdated charity hospital system, enactment of fiscal reforms to improve Louisiana’s financial stability and adoption of a master plan for a sustainable coast.

Each of these significant accomplishments was once considered a great idea that would never happen here in Louisiana. Each enacted policy is evidence – Louisiana knows how to do this.

The time is right for a new reset in Louisiana. The 2019 election includes all legislative seats and statewide offices. Issues emphasized during a campaign season tend to be the priorities taken up in legislation following an election – creating an opportunity now to reset Louisiana’s future with bold changes.

These three formidable organizations have joined together formally for the first time to foster change for Louisiana. That partnership launches this election season – and it is called RESET

RESET is a targeted, nonpartisan effort led by C100, CABL and PAR focused on four essential issues: state finances, education, transportation infrastructure, and criminal justice/public safety. RESET is a renewed vision and a strong effort to make Louisiana everything it can be.

Nothing changes when we wait.
With the will and the way, we can reset Louisiana’s future.