Nothing Changes when we Wait.

With the will and the way, we can reset Louisiana’s future.


RESET Policy Recommendations


The time is right for a new reset in Louisiana. The 2019 election includes all legislative seats and statewide offices. Issues emphasized during a campaign season tend to be the priorities taken up in legislation following an election – creating an opportunity now to reset Louisiana’s future with bold changes. 

A reset is something we do when we are willing to admit we must change our path forward or strengthen our resolve to achieve the results we all want for the future. It requires the building of political will to make decisive changes and create opportunities to reach our potential as a state and as a people. 

RESET is a targeted, nonpartisan effort led by The Committee of 100 (C100), the Council for A Better Louisiana (CABL) and the Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) focused on four essential issues: state finances, education, transportation infrastructure, and criminal justice/public safety.

RESET is a renewed vision and a strong effort to make Louisiana everything it can be.