Education Guide

Advancing Opportunities for Louisiana Students: A Guide to Louisiana Education Policies.

A user-friendly primer for voters, candidates, and anyone with an interest in Louisiana’s education policies. In it we look at where we stand on key indicators, review some of the more recent policy changes that have been enacted, explain how they all fit together into a bigger picture, and identify areas where we need additional attention.

Early Childhood

Send All Children to Kindergarten Ready to Learn

Louisiana should expand access to high-quality early care and education programs for all at-risk children in Louisiana from birth through age four.


Advance K-12 Education Policies that Work

Louisiana should maintain a strong school accountability system, rigorous K-12 academic standards and high-quality assessments and continue to build upon a wide and dynamic array of education choices for students and parents. 

Higher Education / Workforce

Build the Talent Pool in Louisiana

Louisiana should reset the focus of postsecondary education with the specific goals of providing greater affordability for Louisiana students, equitably increasing the education attainment levels of its citizens, and enhancing the competitiveness of its institutions.


Create a Fair and Competetive Tax Environment

Louisiana should provide a fair, simple and competitive tax environment for individuals and businesses that produces sufficient revenue for essential government operations and services.

Pension Reform

Transform State Retirement Systems for a New Era

Louisiana should improve the state pension system to reduce the risk of increasing debt, better serve the state’s workforce recruitment needs and provide more competitive system for employees.

State Constitution

Design a Modern, Workable State Constitution

Louisiana should simplify the state Constitution to increase fiscal flexibility, allow improvements to our tax and spending policies and modernize state and local relations.

Constitutional Reform:

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) has developed an in-depth report on reforming Louisiana’s constitution. This first part includes a discussion of constitutional principles, including the purpose and function of a constitution, as well as more specific subject-matter principles regarding what an ideal constitution should contain. Read more below.

Build an Efficient Criminal Justice System that Improves Public Safety

Louisiana should create an efficient criminal justice system that utilizes prison space for those who pose a public safety threat and implements evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism.

Make Transportation Infrastructure an Asset

Louisiana’s transportation infrastructure should be an asset, not a liability. The state should significantly invest in its transportation infrastructure, including ports and waterways, enhance public safety, relieve congestion in major urban areas and support commerce and economic development.